How Can We Help

We’re here to provide a footing for you so that you can drive your load from the shipper to the receiver and let someone else deal with all the ISSUES at hand. We offer a variety of different options to you from FULL-SERVICE to A LA CARTE.
Now that you’ve read how we understand your challenges, we’d like to make your life easier. For starters, we consider ourselves a sort of support system. We’re not here to simply book loads and take a percentage. We’re not here simply to do paperwork (like UCC’s, broker packets, and more) for a flat fee. We’re not here simply to get permits for a flat fee. We’re not here to charge you money without an expectation of performance on our part without regard to the job we do.


We take care of everything for you but driving the truck. This option also exists where you book your own loads and we handle administrative things and well as provided back-up booking for you.
Booking your Loads and all things in A LA CARTE except separate items = 10% of Gross Revenue

Separate Items:

  • Prepare for USDOT audit – ($750)
  • Set up Business and get Authority – ($750)
  • TENNESSEE complete IFTA: if Knoxville < – > Nashville Driving Needed – ($450)


We are here to do things that you don’t want to do. These items range from booking loads only, to getting permits, to doing broker packets, and more.

  • Collect your money – ($25)
  • Get directions – ($15)
  • Find the next load – ($50)
  • Arrange repairs – find shops – ($25)
  • Find hotels – ($15)
  • Communicate with home  – ($15)
  • Do general paperwork – ($50)
  • Fill out broker packets – ($25)
  • Transmit paperwork – ($15)
  • Get copies of insurance – ($25)
  • Send copies of insurance – ($25)
  • Receive money – ($25)
  • Send money – ($25)
  • Update USDOT information – ($25)
  • UCC filings – ($75)
  • Get permits – ($25)
  • IFTA Paperwork/Preparation: if organized – ($50)
  • COMPLETE IFTA Process – ($100)

Who We Work With

The industry has many challenges and many stressors. We are here to help you.
The industry has many challenges and many stressors. We are here to help you.
Unfortunately it can bring out the worst in people. We want people who are reasonable and willing to work through these challenges together. We will under no circumstances engage in confrontational behavior that involves either threats, name calling, accusations of working against you or taking your money, or any other less than professional behaviors. Our reputations are solid and we intend to keep it that way, so we will not engage in nonsense with anyone. We are willing at any time, based on our own judgment, to sever the relationship with anyone who carries themselves in a manner that we deem undesirable and/or confrontational. We are here to help you. We believe that when working together, in most instances the result that we all desire is achieved. At times, we will both be disappointed – you know how this industry can be. But we’re working with you, for you, and on your behalf – at all times. You pay us to be on your side. We are.